Sometimes, my message sent twice.

Actually, the app sent out only one message but your Message app showed twice. This is a known issue on some devices, please ignore this.


Why did my scheduled message not send?

Does your phone include background (or Auto Start) apps managment? If yes, you need to set up to allow Do It Later can run from background.Please read and follow the menu Tips.


My scheduled message sent successfully but it didn't sent at designed time exactly, it sent with a delay.

From Android 6.0, Android releases a new feature called Doze mode which prevent certain apps from running in the background if your phone isn’t being used for a period of time. We'd recommend that you need to enable Alert mode on Settings > Advanced > Alert Mode (If enable, a clock icon will show on status bar when a task is scheduled.)


Why do Do It Later only send messages once I turn device screen on or open the app?

The reason for this behavior could be:

1. The app isn't allowed to run in the background.

2. You disabled Alert mode on Settings > Advanced > Alert mode.

Please review first and second question above to see solutions.


Is my data safe?

Your data is absolutely safe! We'll never collect or read your messages.


Why don't I see completed messages on my default SMS app?

Some devices (e.g. Huawei) is customized to allow only Default SMS app to write data into SMS database, it is a reason why you didn't see completed messsages on your default SMS app.


If I schedule a text with multiple recipients to send it to, will it be a group message or send individually?

Do It Later send text to multiple recipients individually, not a group message. 


How to scheduel text to a phone number which not saved in contact list?

Type a phone number at least 2 digits, a plus icon will be showed on the right side of the box, then tap the icon to add this number.


How do I schedule a text with a photo attached?

We can't support this feature because Android allow default SMS app only to send text with photo.


How to delete multiple items at the same time?

Long click (tap and hold about 1s) an item, then you can select multiple items to delete.


Is there a limit on the number of SMS recipients I can schedule a message for?

Normal user can add maxium 3 recipients for one message. For Premium user, there is no limit on the number of recipients. But please notice that you should avoid sending one message to many recipients at the same time, split it into some messages instead.
☀ Best practice: Suppose that you want to send a message to 90 recipients, It is better if you create 3 messages separately, each one with 30 recipients and schedule them with litle bit different time


Why does a clock icon show on status bar when a task is scheduled?

The clock icon is showed to help Do It Later can wake up and run the task ontime while your phone isn’t being used for a period of time. You can hide alarm icon on Settings > Advanced > Alert Mode. (We'd highly recommended to enable Alert Mode feature)


What should I do if the app doesn't work at all?

Please check again whether you set up on Phone Settings to allow Do It Later run as background or not. Reboot your phone may help resolve the problem.


How do I backup my data?

Backup and Restore features are only for Premium user. You can find these features on Settings > Advanced > Backup & Restore


How long will my Do It Later premium last?

You only have to purchase one time and your purchase will be valid for lifetime. 


How do I restore my previous purchase?

Please make sure that you use same google account which you used to purchase before, Do It Later will check and set you as Premium user once verified.


I found a mistake in the app in my language.

We are offering multi-language service, so there might be some weird translations. If you find any incorrect translations, please send email to us (include as much information as possible) so that we can correct it.


Is the internet connection necessary for the scheduling function?

Gmail and Twitter scheduling feature is required internet connection to send the messsage, others don't require internet connection.


Why do I often see a notification with title Syncing?

The syncing notifiation is showed to help Do It Later run as background without being killed by Android System.


Which devices supported by Do It Later?

Do It Later supports all Android phones and tablets. We will support smart watch (wearable devices) in the future.


Will Do It Later support auto reply text feature?

Yes, It is in our plan.


Will Do It Later support Whatsapp and Messenger?

It is impossible now because Whatsapp and Messenger don't provide any offical APIs to 3rd apps. We are still listening their's updates to support these features.


Can I use Do It Later from iOS or the web?

No. Do It Later can only be used from Android devices.


If I have a question, how can I contact you?

Just send an email to kant.doitlater@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Please try to be as specific as possible when describing your request. The more information you provide, the better we can assist you.