The best automated message app for Android

Schedule, mass text and auto reply messages for SMS, E-mail and social messaging apps.


  • Send text messages to recipients automatically at a later time. Scheduled time can be exact or within a time range.

Mass text

  • Send a single message to multiple recipients. The app supports many variables like {NAME}, {LOCATION} to help you send different message content for each recipient.

Recurring Sender

  • Set a general recurring options (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) or you can customize repeating by your way (e.g every 5 minutes, every weekends…)

Auto Reply

  • Auto-reply text messages for incoming text messages and missed calls. Your message will be responded automatically without lifting a finger.

Smart Reply

  • Reply to specific contacts or keywords of message
  • Set reply rule for each contact (e.g reply once, stop after 3 times, pause for 1 hour…)

Powerful Tool

  • Support SMS and all popular social messaging apps.

Extra Features

Anh Vy

Founder | Business Director

We believe that great tools should be easy and powerful. That’s why we’ve built Do It Later to be simple to use but with many of additional features to get as complex as necessary. No matter your use case, Do It Later has a multitude of ways for you to automate your text messages.

What users have been saying about Do It Later

It’s a very good app since it easily integrates with your default sms app. It perfectly works with all the features described. Thanks also for the rapid response to my inquiry. Give it a try now – I’ll bet you’ll like it, too!

Quang Rau

This app is worth million dollars. Seriously, this app is for the guys who receive a lot of false positive alerts on pager in the night. So this app helps to set a task to automatically reply to certain numbers on behalf of a human being! How cool is that!!

Trang Aliana

Many messaging apps will let you schedule text but this app lets you do so much more. I had a little problem with it after the last update and I contacted the developer and her responded immediately. Highly recommended.

Minh Jessica

DT717 #13 
Mang To – Tanh Linh – Binh Thuan

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