Privacy Policy for Auto Text

We fully respects your privacy and will never collect, use or share your private data to any third party via any mechanism. With Auto Text, what happens on your device stays on your device. Auto Text was verified and approved by Google Play Protected.

For backup & restore feature, we use Google Drive API with a high security option to store your data on your Google Drive storage. No one can access the backup file except the app which created it. All your data are absolutely safe.

App Permissions

  • Accessibility Service: Auto Text needs accessibility for Whatsapp automation purpose to send your message automatically on your behalf. We don’t collect or share any private data, all your data and actions will remain secure, 
  • Contact permission: Possibility to easily select and add contacts within the app (No data will be collected or shared).
  • Notification access: Reads notifications in order to reply to them (No data will be collected or shared).
  • Location permission: Auto Text needs to use your location in the background to be able to perform various location related automations. For example, you can set up an auto-reply task include your current location whenever you receive a new text or missed calls. Auto Text fully respects your privacy and will never collect or store your current location or location history in any form. Auto Text will never share your current location or any historical location to any third party via any mechanism.
  • Send email on your behalf: Auto Text can make use of your Google Gmail account (if granted access) to send emails on your behalf via the email scheduled functional. Auto Text will never use this access to send emails other than those configured by the user (creating an email scheduled). Aside from the usage described, Auto Text will not access, store or share any Google user data or account information.

No user data or any other data related to Auto Text will ever be sold or made available to third parties. Auto Text will never include any third party services whose purpose is to monetize user data in any way.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at