Privacy Policy for Do It Later


Background Location

Do It Later needs to use your location in the background to be able to perform various location related automations. For example, you can set up an auto-reply task include your current location whenever you receive a new text or missed calls.

Do It Later fully respects your privacy and will never collect or store your current location or location history in any form. Do It Later  will never share your current location or any historical location to any third party via any mechanism.


Do It Later will access your contact list when using features relate to phone numbers (e.g. SMS Scheduling). The list of contacts is used only for the purpose of these features and contact data will never be persisted/stored or shared in any way.


Do It Later can make use of your Google Gmail account (if granted access) to send emails on your behalf via the send email action. Do It Later will never use this access to send emails other than those configured by the user (using the send email action). Aside from the usage described, Do It Later will not access, store or share any Google user data or account information.


Do It Later does not send any data, anywhere, unless it is requested by the user (e.g. sending an automatic SMS.)


No user data or any other data related to Do It Later will ever be sold or made available to third parties.


Do It Later will never include any third party services whose purpose is to monetize user data in any way.


Do It Later makes use of Google services and has no control over what data Google may collect when using these services.



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