Privacy Policy for Auto Text

Information Collection and Use
Auto Text logs crash data and basic anonymous analytics data. This data is used solely for resolving issues within the app and making improvements to it. It will never be used for any other purpose.
When you access the Service through a mobile device, we may collect certain information automatically, including but not limited to the type of mobile device you use, your mobile device’s unique ID, the IP address of your mobile device, your mobile operating system, unique device identifiers, and other diagnostic data.

Use of SMS or Call Log Permission Groups
Auto Text uses SMS and Call Log permissions to send automated SMS messages on the user’s behalf, and these permissions will only be used for this purpose. Auto Text does not send any SMS messages unless configured by the user. No user data is ever collected or shared through this permission.
 – Allows the app to read, receive, and send SMS messages.
Read Call Log Permission (READ_CALL_LOG)
– Allows the app to read and receive phone call details.

Use of Contact List
Auto Text accesses your contacts to allow easy selection and addition of contacts within the app. The list of contacts is used only for the purpose of app features, and contact data will never be stored or shared in any way.

Accessibility Service
Auto Text uses Android Accessibility Services to send automated messages on the user’s behalf, and this service will only be used for this purpose. No user data is ever collected or shared through this permission.

Background Location
Auto Text requests permission to access location data in the background and uses this data for task automation. Auto Text never collects or stores your current location or location history in any form. Auto Text will never share your current location or any historical location data with any third party via any mechanism.

– Auto Text can access your Google Gmail account (if granted access) to send emails on your behalf via the email automation function. Auto Text will never use this access to send emails other than those configured by the user.
– Auto Text can access your Google Drive account (if granted access) to support backup and restore functionality, and this access will only be used for this purpose.

Transfer of Data
Auto Text may share data with our partner, Appvestor. Data shared with Appvestor does not contain information that can identify users, and we will not provide additional information to such third parties that enables them to identify you. Appvestor uses this data as part of their business purposes, including the creation of reports, market research, scientific and statistical research, and trend analysis.
You can find a full description of Appvestor and what it does with the information collected via our app at

Data Retention and Deletion Policy
We do not store or share any data from the tasks created in the Auto Text app. When you delete this app, all task data will be deleted unconditionally.
Auto Text does not store or delete any data itself, you have to do it yourself.

Contact Us
If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at