How to import bulk recipients from file?

Do It Later allows you import bulk recipients from file (.csv, .txt) that support comma-separated values.

The value can be the recipient name or phone number and must be filled at the first column of sheet. In case you use recipient name for the value, the name must be exactly as named in your phone contacts.

You can create a .csv file from Google Sheet (we recommend you to use Google Sheet instead Excel to avoid issue) or download the sample file below.

CSV Sample File




To be able to input phone number into the sheet, please select the first column, then choose Format > Number > Plain Text


Alternatively, you can create a text file (.txt) and separate recipients’ names by commas or new line

Example 1:

0988123456,09881234,09213434,Kant, Anh Vy, 0988923922

Text Sample 1


Example 2:





Anh Vy


Text Sample 2